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FOX News
Jul 27, 2010 4:00pm EDT
and recognize the university of maryland men's basketball team before we had march madness, then you know it's political favoriteism and it has me fed up. >> neil: it's a good basketball team. >> they lost in the second round. >> neil: i'm sorry. you could be kinder. i'm just saying here's my benefit of the doubt theory. if they're busy with proclamations and dedications, none of which are important, it stops them from, you know, multitrillion dollars spending initiatives that are very important and really wasteful, so if they, you know, nickel and dime us on silly stuff and it keeps them away from the big stuff, why shouldn't we welcome it. >> you have a point but we're going to talk about funding for the afghan war. a serious subject. the democrats are bringing this up on a suspension. we have no ability to even author an amendment. so you're going to waste our time on the floor talking about literally one recognizing the 50th anniversary of the book to kill a mocking bird. like we needed congress to tell us that was a good book. you're wasting untold, i don't know how much money we're was
FOX News
Jul 19, 2010 4:00pm EDT
stimulus money on it postponed the inevitable. >> neil: the next guest, democratic maryland congressman elijah cummings supports the unemployment benefits extension. the argument against this isn't that they don't think it's valid, it's just not paid for. what say you? >> what i say is that most of your economists, even mr. zandy, who was the advisory to mccain, said clearly that it's important that we provide the jobless with benefits. and do it immediately. i as i listen to star, i couldn't help but wonder what she would say to the residents of compton. she wants to represent them but 20.4% of them are unemployed and what would she say to long beach where 13.3% of them are unemployed. >> neil: but congressmen, in all fairness, it started 26 weeks, then 50 weeks, now we're going on 129 wreaks. i mean what's the statute of limitations on how long you keep benefits going on or whatever purpose? when we don't have the money. >> well, the fact is that -- so what, the researchers show and the economists agree for every dollar with you put into unemployment benefits, they're spent immediatel
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2